"You wake up. Every evening you wake up just a little bit hungrier. It takes a bit of blood to force yourself awake each night. So of course, when you hunger, you feed. We all feed." - James H. Lee

How to Get Started

So you've decided to give this game a shot.

The first thing you should do is read this website and get a good handle for what you're getting into. If you have questions about anything, you can e-mail the staff, or ask a question on our forum.

Now, come up with a basic character concept. A character that you would find it fun to pretend to be for four hours every week, in the context of a modern day horror game, with a heavy emphasis on political intrigue and mystery. This is a social game, so it won't be much fun to play characters who are loners or don't work well with others.

Vampire characters are built on two concepts, their Masquerade and their Requiem. Their Masquerade is what image they present to mortals, while their Requiem is the role they play in vampire society. Coming up with characters that have clearly defined roles for both will lead to more fulfilling gameplay. Vampire characters can have been embraced (made into a vampire) just yesterday, or be hundreds if not thousands of years old. Figure out their basic personality trait.

Learn the basic rules and setting. You don't need to know everything, as you'll learn more through gameplay. Reading both the "Mind's Eye Theatre Rulebook" and "Mind's Eye Theatre: The Requiem" is highly recommended. There are many other books that expand on the setting of the game, and while reading them is recommended, they aren't necessary.

Follow the Character Creation rules and make a character. Submit your character concept and character sheet to staff before game, so they can approve it and give appropriate advice. Characters that have not been approved by staff can not be played.

Figure out what sort of costume you will wear to portray that character. If you need help finding the right attire, ask.

Once you have a costume, an understanding of setting and rules, and an approved character, show up to game on Friday evening and have fun!


What happens at game?

Players meet up starting at 7:30 PM to gather, and prepare for game. Character sheets are distributed, experience points are awarded for basic attendance. Players choose how their character feeds, and are assigned blood points for the evening accordingly. If players need to speak with staff before game begins, this is the time to do so.

8:00 PM is the official start of game. "Listen Up!" Staff addresses the gathered players, making any relevant announcements. If any players have pertinent announcements, this is the time. Once everything is made clear, the players are then able to enter game. "Game On!"

Players then go to the various parts of Downtown Campbell which are in-game locations, gather, scheme, plot, talk. Mostly talk. They deal with NPCs portrayed by staff members who show up at those locations. They investigate mysteries or look into things by asking a staff member to run a scene doing so.

Midnight is the end of game. The gameplay concludes. "GAME!" Players gather for end of evening announcements, and to nominate other players who did exceptionally well for the chance to win an additional experience point. Players return their character sheets to staff, and are done for the evening.

Afters is a gathering held at a nearby diner, where the players go after game to eat, drink, and hang out while not pretending to be vampires.