"The Cacophony. The pulse of Vampire culture. Hidden messages and secret broadcasts and media just for us dead folks. It's there if you know how to listen for it. " - Carthian Joe.


San Jose: City of the Damned summarizes the history of San Jose in this World of Darkness, and breaks it down into the districts the game uses to handle feeding grounds.

The World of Darkness is a basic overview of this horror world where vampires exist, but so do things much worse.

Vampire Society details the basics of being a vampire, and of the culture the undead have formed for themselves.

Covenants are the organizations that vampires belong to. Religious, political or none of the above, Vampires join the Covenants that mean something to them.

Clans are the five lineages of Vampires, each with their own powers and weaknesses. There may have been more Clans in the past. There may be more Clans in hiding now. But tonight, there are Five.

Previously recaps important events that have happened in game which everyone should be aware of.