"Yes, there are three Traditions that must never be broken. Don't break the Masquerade, don't make new vampires, don't diablerize. But the most important tradition is the unspoken fourth. Don't get caught." - Onyx Diego

About this Game

The Bloody Price is a game where no one wins, and no one loses. It's a game about telling a story, a modern day horror story where the protagonists are the monsters. Like playing make-believe as a child, you take on the role of a specific character. But we're not children anymore, so the games we play are more complicated. Relax, we'll help you figure it out.

The players take on the role of vampires living in the modern day. The Storyteller and Narrators take on the role of everything else. The humans that they use and abuse. Other vampires, or things that go bump in the night. Supporting characters and antagonists. Between the characters portrayed by the players and staff, a story begins to form.

The setting is that of "Vampire: the Requiem", a roleplaying game set in the fictional "World of Darkness." The rules we use come from that game as well. The rules are designed to be relatively simple. The setting has a basic premise: the supernatural is secretly real. More information about both can be found on this website.

The world of The Bloody Price is a continuing one. Each week another story will be told of the Vampires who live in San Jose, of their political struggles, of the mysteries they are pulled into, their schemes and plans. Characters will enter game, characters will leave game, but the story continues.


The Most Basic Rules

1) This is only a game. Vampires aren't real, and neither is your character. Take game seriously, but not personally.

2) No touching. Respect other players' personal boundaries, and only touch them if they give explicit verbal permission. 

3) No stunts. A fictional vampire character can do many things that the human player can not. For the sake of safety, don't run, jump, mock fight, or fall during game. 

4) No weapons. Do not bring actual weapons to game. Don't bring prop weapons to game. If we can believe that you are actually a 1000 year-old vampire, we can believe that you're holding a gun as well.

5) No drugs or drinking. Be respectful of the other players by not coming to game impaired. Players found violating this rule will be banned from game.

6) Be mindful of others. We play in a public space. Non-players will see and hear the things you do. Don't actually scream if attacked. Don't give people cause for fear.

7) Make Game Fun for Everyone. LARP is a social activity. The only way to win is to ensure that everyone has a good time. Players should keep everyone else in mind when playing, because they are part of a greater whole.