"So you want to live forever. It's possible. You can have power. Wealth. Immortality. Just one catch. You have to pay the bloody price. " - Carolyn Thorne

A Game of Passionate Horror

The Bloody Price is a Vampire: the Requiem LARP starting January 2015.  Meeting every Friday night in downtown Campbell, players will take on the roles of the Kindred, those vampires who live amongst humanity in secret.  They masquerade as human, but once a week gather with others of their kind. They drop their masks, and participate in the all-night society, brilliant and beautiful, tragic and terrible.

It is a world of darkness. The evenings are that much colder, the shadows that much darker. In this world of horrors, the Kindred engage in political struggles, scheme and manipulate, they create and solve mysteries. They are dangerous and endangered,  predator and prey. This is a world of darkness.


Character Creation Event

The first character creation gathering will occur on Saturday November 15th. Players both new and experienced are welcome to learn about the game, discuss possible character concepts, and get to know their fellow players.

Please contact staff for more information.